San Diego BJDcon Dec 9, 2017!

We have added the San Diego BJDcon and are very excited to see you there!  Come join in all the fun at the Marina Village Conference Center.  You can buy a ticket at the door just $20 to see the incredible Opulent Orient in all it's glory at 1/4-1/3 scale!  The wonderful people who put on this event go all out with the doll props and displays!  So I'm expecting a pagoda, bridge, waterfall!  I really don't know what this year's display will entail but the past few have been beyond belief, so I'm certain it will be awesome!

I will be there with both some truly exquisite orient themed dolls and have decided to do my year end clearance there as well.  So, stop by for something one of a kind fabulous or else a serious bargain.  Either way, enjoy the day and the doll fun in sunny San Diego CA!


Bo Bergemann