Arctic Mermaid by Bo Bergemann (1).jpg (2).jpg
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Arctic Mermaid by Bo Bergemann (4).jpg (6).jpg (7).jpg (8).jpg (10).jpg (11).jpg (13).jpg (14).jpg (15).jpg (16).jpg (17).jpg (18).jpg (19).jpg (20).jpg (21).jpg
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Arctic Mermaid by Bo Bergemann


This beautiful Arctic Mermaid is an original fine art doll by Bo Bergemann.  Never to sit on her laurels, Bo's innovation rarely disappoints. She has made a 15" tall mermaid who stands all on her own on her tail!  She can also sit and lie down of course as all mermaids can.  She is stunning in Bo's Antique white resin which simulates the polar arctic ice caps well.  She will come with both wigs and both sets of eyes.  The ice blue eyes with ice blue and white long viscose handmade wig allow her to look like she is in water.  The green/blue/white mohair wig allows her to look ready for some time on dry land.  She has seashells or flowers or a ribbon bikini top or you can just let her roam sans her top as most mermaids do.  This beauty is brand new and one of a kind, never to be repeated.  Click on the large photo to have it grow full size then there is an arrow middle right of the photo to click to allow you to see all the photos full size one by one.  Contact if you have questions.  

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