this is where I showcase what is BRAND NEW OR coming soon!

Brand new exquisite original fine art dolls & New Doll Lines will be showcased here first.  If you are interested in the doll's photographed below, contact me at BoBergemann@mac.com.  There is also more info. and photos in my Available Dolls Gallery.  You can contact me through this website or through email directly to bobergemann@mac.com. If I get your email, I will always reply quickly.  So if you do not hear from me, it must have gone to my Junk Mail folder.  Please try again.

Check out my Brand New Doll Line with two heads to start, more to come: YOYO Dolls . . . by Bo Bergemann


Bo Bergemann

Brand New Sculpt Rose by Bo Bergemann www.BoBergemann.com

YOYO Dolls by Bo Bergemann are brand new!  They wear the same shoes and clothing as many popular YOSD sized dolls including LittleFee!  Find out more on their own page linked here!

Cry Pretty OOAK Fine Art Doll by Bo Bergemann

Cry Pretty OOAK Fine Art Doll by Bo Bergemann