We have added the San Diego BJDcon and are very excited to see you there!  Come join in all the fun at the Marina Village Conference Center.  You can buy a ticket at the door just $20 to see the incredible Opulent Orient in all it's glory at 1/4-1/3 scale!  The wonderful people who put on this event go all out with the doll props and displays!  So I'm expecting a pagoda, bridge, waterfall!  I really don't know what this year's display will entail but the past few have been beyond belief, so I'm certain it will be awesome!

I will be there with both some truly exquisite orient themed dolls and have decided to do my year end clearance there as well.  So, stop by for something one of a kind fabulous or else a serious bargain.  Either way, enjoy the day and the doll fun in sunny San Diego CA!


Bo Bergemann