Bo normally does many events each year. But this year is different and special because her daughter Bree, who is deaf, needs Bo at her side to grow this next step into her own independence.  She is an A student now at an amazing school in California for which the entire Bergemann Ohana is very grateful to have Bree enjoy making the most of this opportunity.  

Bree is not yet old enough nor independent enough to live on her own.  Even for a week or two while Bo travels to various shows and conventions. However, neither can she miss much school. So for now and the near future, Bo is suspending all participation in shows and conventions except a very few in California or on the West Coast which she might be ready to try in 2019 depending on how Bree is doing overall.

However, in time, as Bree matures and becomes independent, Bo will most likely begin to travel to various shows and conventions again.  When she does that schedule will be listed here as it was in years 2017 and before.